Campbell Award

Campbell Award PlaqueEach winter we recognize a member of M-ASA with the Campbell Award. It is given to the member, who over an extended period of time, has voluntarily contributed extraordinary time, knowledge, and skills to the benefit of M-ASA. This is for non-flying achievement – for contributing to the administration, management, maintenance, organization, membership, or other necessary functions of the club.  Board accepts nominations from the membership until mid-December. After that, the Board will review the candidates and select the individual for the honor. Nominations should be emailed or mailed by the USPS with a short description of why the individual nominated should be considered, to any of the current M-ASA Board members.

Past Campbell Awardees

2018Catherine Williams
2014Rick Fuller
2011Mike Higgins
2010Robert Jackson
2009Paul Rehm
2008Manfred Beutgen
2007James Furlong
2006John B. Hearn
2005Raymond Watson
2004Glenn R. Collins
2002James M. Trygg
2001Bill Whelan
2000Vern Chapin
1999Gordon Heidelbach
1998Gene Wilburn
1997John Duryea
1996James Chick
1995Carmen Waters
1994Bill Donahoe
1993Tom & Elizabeth Judkins
1992Charley Thurber
1991Dave Pixton
1990Jay Dickhoff
1988Michael Hearn
1986George E. Simms
1985Luis Fernandez
1984Horst H. H. Eschenberg
1983George C. White
1982Charles Dewald
1981Brower Murphy
1980Burton Solomon
1979Don Robb
1978John Brent
1977James M. Haynes
1976Judith R. Huychinson
1975Burton L. Elliott
1974Lewi C. Tuttle
1973Billy Thomas
1972Hope Howard
1971Joseph S. Brennan
1970Mario Piccagli