Club Championship

2019 Club Championship

Top 3 flights submitted to the OLC.
Note: Only flights over 300km originating from Fairfield (W73) are eligible.
(Last Updated: 8/14/19)
 PilotDateDistance (km) OLC Points
1.Mike Higgins (WM) 6/3/19707.89684.93
Baude Litt (LBL)4/15/19546.68611.44
2.Dave Weaver (DW)6/3/19519.88550.72
3.Mike Smith (XM)6/25/19313.41342.37

Additional OLC flights by M-ASA members for 2019 can be viewed here.

The Club Champion is the member with the top 3 flights over 300 KM originating from Fairfield (W73) and submitted to the OLC.

Past Club Champions

2018Baude Litt2496.88 OLC Points
2017Mike Smith1438.74 OLC Points
2016Baude Litt2060.69 OLC Points
2015Baude Litt2,298.37 OLC Points
2014Mike Higgins3,394.54 OLC Points
2013Baude Litt3,126.80 OLC points
2012Mike Higgins2,521.55 OLC points
2011Mike Higgins2,755.14 OLC points
2010Baude Litt3,317.93 OLC points
2009Mike Higgins
2008Mike Higgins
2007Mike Higgins
2006Baude Litt
2005Baude Litt
2002Mike Higgins
2001Mike Higgins
1999Jonathan Gere
1998No Record
1997Dave Pixton695 Points
1996Dave Pixton708 Points
1994-1995No Records
1993Dave Pixton775 Points