Wilburn Award

Wilburn Award PlaqueAnnually, the Wilburn Award is presented to a M-ASA member who has over many years voluntarily contributed well beyond club expectations as a tow pilot and/or flight instructor.  The intent of the award is to recognize and remember the small number of exceptional members who have demonstrated longstanding commitment in the essential areas of instruction and towing at M-ASA.  The Wilburn Award will only be presented when a highly deserving member who has not yet been recognized is identified. The award is named for the first recipient, Gene Wilburn, who received the award on March 24th, 2006.  Gene joined M-ASA in 1952 as a private pilot and earned his earned his private glider rating in 1959.  He willingly spent thousands of hours providing safe instruction and tows to M-ASA members.

Past Wilburn Awardees

2017Wayne ElsethTow Pilot since 2008. The "Internet Guy".
2016Richard HoriganTow Pilot since 1977. Glider Maintenance Officer since 1987.
2014Glenn CollinsInstructor since 2000, tow pilot since 2004, Chief CFIG 2005-2014
2013Catherine A. WilliamsInstructor since 1995
2012Robert JacksonTow pilot, instructor
2011James E. ChickTow Pilot since 1985, Maintenance Officer 1990-2008
2010Robert H. BallTow Pilot since 1972
2009Bernard "Bernie" PaiewonskyM-ASA Instructor since 1965
2008John "Val" BrainInstructor since 1960, Chief CFI-G 1972-1998
2007Vernon S. ChapinTow Pilot 1970-1975, Instructor since 1970
2006*Gene M. WilburnTow Pilot/ Instructor since 1960
* Inaugural year of the Wilburn Award