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Whether you are just learning to fly, a veteran contest pilot, or simply enjoy flying gliders M-ASA is the club for you. You will be a member of one of the oldest gliding clubs in the nation. M-ASA has been in continuous operation since 1952. We enjoy a rich tradition of soaring in the Washington, Baltimore, Virginia and Pennsylvania region. At M-ASA, we are committed to being a safe, fun, family friendly soaring club.

This corporation and its board are committed to incorporating the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) in the governance and operations of this corporation.

Please come visit us. If you like what you see, Join us!

You can even get a glider ride with us before joining, and if you join within 6 months of taking the ride we will credit a portion of cost of the ride towards your dues. Click here for details on how to get a ride:


  • A commitment to a safe and fun soaring environment.
  • A club owned and operated airfield in Fairfield, PA..
  • Paved and grass runways.
  • Free flight instruction to members.  Students pay only for glider rental and tows.
  • Dual-place and single-place sailplanes for rent.
  • A well accommodated air conditioned club house.
  • Sailplane trailer hanger space for rent.
  • Year-round soaring with operations scheduled March through November.
  • Home of the Region 4 North contest.


We offer two membership options, Full Member and Family Member. Your first year as a member of M-ASA is provisional.  Provisional members are entitled to use club facilities but do not have voting privileges until granted full membership.

M-ASA offers a youth rate to anyone 22 years of age or younger which is half that of our adult rate.

FULL MEMBER – ADULT (effective 1/1/2019)

  • Initiation Fee: $600.  $300 due initially upon joining M-ASA.  $300 due one year after joining M-ASA if granted Full Membership by the Board of Directors
  • M-ASA annual membership dues: $475.  Prorated $39.58/month for the first year 
  • Soaring society of America annual dues are $72. 

FULL MEMBER – YOUTH  (half that of adult membership)

  • Initiation Fee: $300.  $150 due initially upon joining M-ASA.  $150 due one year after joining M-ASA if granted Full Membership by the Board of Directors.
  • M-ASA annual membership dues: $237.50.  Prorated $19.79/month first year.
  • Soaring Society of America annual dues are $42. 

FAMILY MEMBER – one additional member of the immediate family of a Full or Provisional member may join M-ASA as a Family Member. Family Members pay the same M-ASA membership dues as Full Adult and Full Youth Members but do not pay initiation fees. Soaring Society of America annual membership dues for Family Members are only $42.


M-ASA is an all volunteer club.  Sharing the work enables us to own and operate our own airport without paid staff or employees.  Our Certified Flight Instructors volunteer their time to instruct, as do our qualified tow pilot members.  All other members are committed to at least four days of field duty a season.  Everyone chips in to help maintain the field, buildings and equipment.

By signing the Membership Application below you are acknowledging your intent to perform your share of volunteer duty for M-ASA.


To join M-ASA simply download the Membership application.  Fill it out , sign it and the waiver and bring it to our club located at 154 Pecher Rd. Fairfield, PA.  Have two Club Directors or Flight Instructors sign the application.  Mail the application along with a check made out to M-ASA for the appropriate prorated amount to:

Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association
5257 Buckeystown Pike, #181
Frederick, MD 21704

You may also provide the application and payment to a M-ASA representative at the club.

Please email if you have any further questions about our club or how to join M-ASA.


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