Mar 31 – April 1 – A lot of pilots with cabin fever and high hopes

Who would have thought so many people wanted to fly over the Easter Weekend.  But our members and some intro rides showed up on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was busy.  The skies were blue and there were a  few lennies in the sky.  It was chilly in the morning, but temps peaked at 50 F. Many private gliders came out of their trailers, as well as the club 2 seat trainers the new ASK 21s. They looked spiffy with the new competition letters M1 and M2.  Their radio calls said Mike One and Mike Two, but who would fault someone for calling out MASA One or MASA Two instead?

There was optimism, Tom had his oxygen hooked up and he dressed for cold conditions. 

We had 27 flights, and at one point there were 2 tow planes trying to clear the backlogged flight line.  We could have had more flights but we were restricted to the hard surface runway because of the soggy condition of the grass runways.

  Danny and Tom were a statistical tie for the longest flights of 3 hours.  There were good thermals and many gliders reached 6,800 ft.  Landings were a bit of challenge with a strong tail wind and quartering gusts.  Pilots struggled for rudder and aileron control as their ships slowed down on the runway and weathervaned into wind before coming to a stop.  Many were humbled, some of us muttered about conditions, and  a few spent time clearing mud from their wheels when they strayed off the runway.  But in the end everyone was happy.


Sunday April 1 was not that busy.  Maybe because it was Easter Sunday, but more likely because it was not a good soaring day.  However we had a bunch of training flights and a few introductory rides.

March was a good flying month!