March 10 – 11: The excitement builds – spring is almost here and it was a great weekend for flying

After the Annual Safety meeting, members headed out to the airfield.  Danny assembled P6 and went crazy in the skies.  He was relaying thermal and lift reports to everyone who who would listen, as he sailed around  the environs. The weather was a bit sporty at times, but quite manageable. Meanwhile on the ground, students continued with their training, and flights in the ASK 21s.  Yet other members pulled out their gliders to inspect them, clean them and lube them.  Thanks to Bill and Mike for towing.

On Sunday the ASK 21 students were out again, as well as pilots who just wanted to soar!  The conditions were perfect, not too cold, with the thermals getting stronger in the afternoon over the ski hill and the Fairfield quarry and school track.  There were  cloud streets at 4000 ft for the ride to Gettysburg and beyond. Peter was up for an hour in one of the ASK 21s, Nirmal and Bill assembled JF and cruised around the skies, clearing off the winter rust.  Thanks to Kent for towing.

No animals were scared in operations this weekend.  But some visitors who had stopped by out of curiosity were thrilled when they got rides.

All the gliders are ready for the official start of the flying season on March 17 – they are inspected, annualled and washed, thanks to all the godfathers and club members who showed to help this weekend.