March 17-18 – First official weekend of soaring was a success

We had 30 plus flights this this first weekend of the official flying season.  Saturday was mostly a training day with broken wave.  Sunday was huge.  Cathy found wave in LBL just a couple of miles away and went up to 11,000 ft.  She loved it so much that she remained up till after 6 pm.  But when you come down that late, where is all the help you need to disassemble the glider? We figured something out.

There were many training flights including spin training with Willie.  First Willie and Paul went up for spin training, but got distracted because they found wave.  Then Jeff and Willie for some real spins, stomach churning to watch from the ground, but Jeff landed with a smile on his face.

Many privates went up Danny in P6, Dave in the Libelle, Ricardo, Nirmal,  Bill  – and they stayed up.  Tom Jones and Grif had a great flight in the Janus. Clear skies with a lot of good lift made Sunday a gorgeous soaring day!!