2017 Scores

(Updated:  7/8/2018)

All 2017 Task Day scores and Standings are accessible by the links below:

Cumulative Scores Task Day 2017 – Raw scores prior to any adjustments

Task Day Standings 2017 –  Final scores after adjustments that awards the winner 1000 points

2017 Club Championship

Top 3 flights submitted to the OLC.
Note: Only flights over 300km originating from Fairfield (W73) are eligible.
(Last Updated: July 31, 2017)
 PilotDateDistance (km) OLC Points
1.Mike Smith "XM"5/8/2017570.21639.29
2.Baude Litt "LBL"4/8/2017924.42964.31
3.Paul Rehm "9S"2/26/2017317.57312.72