Schedule of Events (Tentative)

(Updated:  August 30, 2018)

Official Practice DaySaturday, 10/06/18W73 airfield
RegistrationSaturday, 10/6/18, 09:00-17:00, through Sunday, 09:00, 10/07/18Clubhouse
Practise Day Pilot's MeetingSaturday 10/6/18, 10:00Pavilion
Brauts on the Grill courtesy Danny BrottoSaturday, 10/06/18 18:30Pavilion
First-timers Overview of the Fairfield site by Rick FullerSaturday, 10/06/18, 20:00Clubhouse
Mandatory Safety MeetingSunday, 10/07/18, 09:00-09:30Pavilion
Pilots' MeetingSunday, 10/07/18, 09:30-10:30Pavilion
Welcome Dinner sponsored by M-ASASunday, 10/07/18, 18:30Pavilion
Contest FlyingSunday, 10/07/18 thru Saturday, 10/13/18W73 airfield
Daily Pilots' Meeting10:00 dailyPavilion
Chili Night courtesy John Machamer
Tuesday, 10/09/18, 18:30Machamer Hangar
Banquet. Thursday, 10/11/18, Bar opens at 18:00, dinner at 18:30. $35 / person.
Speaker: Rich Carlson

Hickory Bridge Farm
Rosemary Chicken DinnerFriday, 10/12/18, 18:30. Price $25 / personPavilion
Closing Ceremonies and AwardsAfter flying on 10/13/18 or the last contest day.Pavilion