Live from our cameras, refreshed every minute.  Click for full size.


Timelapse video: Click for a video of the day so far, created every hour on the hour.


Hint for hackers: To go back in time up to one hour, change the string ‘000‘ to 000060 in the full size url.  IE, the flightline image from 10 minutes ago is called W73Flt_010.jpg

Better system including timelapse videos coming soon.

Here’s a link to our webcam:         Camera icons          MASA WebCam

If the webcam asks for a username please use:     Anonymous
alternatively you can try:     anon
Leave password blank.

new icon   We now have audio from the airplane cockpit. Click on the icon below.  It is a very quiet airport, you may have to wait to hear a transmission.

LiveATC.Net - Listen to live air traffic control over the Internet!      W73 audio feed

If you have a smartphone, you should get the app from your phone store, the app works better than a browser when using a phone.
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  Weather Underground – W73 Airport  (Current weather info, additional weather stations in the valley, plus you can download historical data.)

W73 – Detailed Weather                          W73 – Summary Weather