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October 2-9, 2021

(Last Updated:  September 7, 2020)
R4N Grid Pic

The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Center (W73) hosts the Region 4 North Contest annually  each October. The 120-acre airport supports gliding operations in the Baltimore/Washington/Harrisburg area. More than 60 privately- and club-owned gliders are based at M-ASC, including the club’s three tow planes (two Pawnees and one Super Cub). Club room, kitchen, restrooms, and newly renovated showers are located in the main hangar. There are also three trailer hangars and a tow plane hangar. Scheduled operations are conducted on weekends and federal holidays from the second Saturday in March through the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Flight operations at M-ASC are conducted on one paved and two grass runways. Because these runways are sloped, takeoffs are only permitted on runway 15 (downhill).  Landings are almost always uphill (runway 33) unless we have very strong southerly winds (>20 mph).  There are overruns at both ends of the paved runway.

During contests, sailplanes are launched from the paved runway.  Grid numbers are spaced to allow easy entry and staging.  After all aircraft are in place, the grid is compressed to the north end of the runway to gain maximum available runway prior to launch.  Compressing the grid usually takes place about five minutes after the declared grid time.  If done all at once, it only takes about five minutes.

Towplanes land on 33R and relights are asked to land on 33L to avoid conflict with the launch operation. The paved runway is 2,700 feet long and 50 feet wide. The grass runways are slightly shorter, but much wider. It is possible to safely land 3 gliders abreast at M-ASC.  See the flight operations pattern diagram.

Trailer parking is available along airport boundaries on the NE and SW sides of the runway. Those just off the taxiway are numbered. Trailers parked on the SW side of the runway should be angled about 30 degrees from normal to the fence to allow closer spacing. Thirty-five feet between trailers leaves ample room for (de)rigging. See the gliderport diagram.

Region 4 North is a no water contest due lack of facilities for adding ballast.  GPS flight logs will be analyzed for actual airspace violations.  No prohibited leg list will be published.

ELT, PLB, InReach and SPOT tracking devices are strongly encouraged but not required at R4N.

Camping (RV or Tent) is available on the airport.  There are several hotels and motels within 5 minutes of the airport, and an additional 60 in Gettysburg (about 20 minutes northeast of the airport by car).  There are also several state parks and campgrounds in the area.  See the Directions and Accommodations page

(Photo above by Nirmal)

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