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Winter Soaring in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Winter Soaring in the Mid-Atlantic Region – by Baude Litt

During the winter months of 2002 through 2012, Baude Litt and several of his “protagonists” set out to explore the capacity for the region to produce thermal, ridge, wave, convergence lift and unexplained phenomena and how these types of lift might support long soaring flights.  The original brief was presented to the National Soaring Museum in 2012.  It has been presented to many other groups since and is offered here as an educational benefit for all.  With apologies to Baude.  Due to file size limits, the brief was translated into Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and split into continuous parts A, B and C that parallel the narrative notes.  Because of the .pdf format, the briefing has lost the ability to animate within each slide.  The contents of the animations remain.    – Rick Fuller

Briefing Slides and Narrations

Part Slides Briefing Slides Narrations
A 1-60 Part A
Part A
B 61-91 Part B
Part B
C 92-131 Part C Part C

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