January 14 – Many hardy pilots flew today

We have not flown since mid December, mostly because the weather has not cooperated.  Today was clear and calm and getting up into the 20s with winds of 5-8 knots coming in from the north. It was surprising how many people showed up, totally bundled sporting amazing headgear.  We had 19 flights today from 11 am to 5 pm, mostly training flights in the new ASK 21s.  There was not much lift to be found, nor a lot of sink.  From a height of 2500 ft one could see the vapor from the stacks of Three Mile Island in the distance.  Closer in, the slopes of Ski Liberty were busy with gusts of fine powder snow swirling around.  One by one, members came to be checked out in the new ASK 21. One new member in a wheel chair was the first to use the hand rudder controls of Sierra Alpha!!  He was really excited to be able to fly again after a 2 year hiatus. So were we!