P40 TFR & SFRA Training

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P-40 Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR)
SFRA Training

(Last Updated: March 15, 2017)

P-40 Temporary Flight Restriction

The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Center (W73) is located 8.5 miles northeast of the center of the Presidential Retreat known at Camp David. This is charted as Prohibited Area P-40 surface to 4,999’ MSL and Restricted Area R4009 from 5,000’ to 18,000’ MSL. This is normally a 3 nm radius. When the President is in residence at Camp David, the FAA, at the direction of the Secret Service, issues a 10 nm Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) around P-40 from the surface to 18,000’ MSL.

To fly from M-ASC (W73) when the TFR is in effect, each pilot and aircraft must be on the Secret Service Approved List. If you wish to fly the Region 4 North contest it is highly recommended you apply to be added to the list. Getting approved is a simple process, but the turnaround time can be unpredictable. Complete and submit the Waiver Request Form The list is updated as part of the annual renewal process in the late spring and again around Labor Day to pick up new members and add potential contest participants. It is strongly suggested you apply as early as possible, even if your plans are uncertain, to maximize the chances of being added prior to the contest. There is no cost or obligation, and you can use this approval to fly anytime during the year during a regular M-ASA operation with a temporary M-ASA membership.

If you are not on the approved list; there is no need to fret. Although it is hard to predict, Presidential visits to Camp David are quite rare and we normally know well in advance. If needed we have provisions in place to launch and recover participants from Gettysburg Airport (W05) which is outside the TFR.

You may check with the Contest Manager to see if you are on the current list.

SFRA Training Requirement

The FAA requires any pilot operating VFR in the vicinity of the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) and Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) take Special Awareness Training to become familiar with the need for restricted operations. This is specified in CFR Title 14 Part 91.161 Special awareness training required for pilots flying under visual flight rules within a 60-nautical mile radius of the Washington, DC VOR/DME. W73 and much of the contest flying area falls within the 60nm radius from the Washington DC VOR/DME. The 60nm radius is shown on the Washington sectional chart. The Special Awareness Training consists of information to educate pilots about the procedures for flying in the Washington, DC area and, more generally, in other types of special use airspace. This free training is available on the FAA’s Web site. Upon completion of the training, each person will need to print out a copy of the certificate of training completion.

The latest version of the FAA Special Awareness Training course is, ALC-405 and can be found  here.

If you do not have a FAASTeam account. You can establish an account here at the FAASTeam home page.

If you completed an earlier version of this course, such as ALC-55, you do not need to take it again.