Fairfield/M-ASA Ridge & Wave Flying

Fairfield/M-ASA Ridge & Wave Flying Seminar – by Mike Higgins

A seminar was conducted by Mike Higgins on January 17, 2015, describing experiences flying in ridge and wave conditions in the mid-Atlantic region bounded by Blairstown NJ in the north, the central Pennsylvania plateau in the west and Tazewell VA in the south.  The following topics were explored in a discussion, question and answer format.

     – Map/Description of Appalachian Ridge System

     – Ridge & Wave WX Forecasting

     – Ridge Flying Intro (DW)

     – Wave Flying Basics (WM)

     – Fairfield Long Task Routes/Methods

     – Long Duration/Distance Flight Considerations

     – Cold Weather Flight Considerations

     – 23 April 2014 Flight

Briefing Slides/Video

Presentation Briefer
Fairfield Wave-Ridge Part 1 Mike Higgins
Introduction to Ridge Flying Dave Weaver
Fairfield Wave-Ridge Part 2 Mike Higgins
Wave-Ridge Seminar Video (3:29) Jeff Rose - Videographer